• Dallas, Texas
  • Preschool 4 -8th Grade

2018-2019 Tuition

Preschool (4 yrs) morning & afternoon $4,050
Preschool (4 yrs) & Developmental Kindergarten: $7,050 (non-parishioner $8,050)
1  Child: $7,535
2  Children: $14,000
3  Children: $19,050
4+  Children: $22,400
Full Rate (Non-Parishioner): $11,200 per child


Families who meet all of the following criteria (determined by the Pastor) are eligible for tuition at these rates.

  • The family is a registered member of St Monica Parish
  • The family substantially participates at St. Monica Parish and School
  • Each child is baptized Catholic at the time of enrollment
  • The family attends Mass at St Monica Church and contributes on a regular basis (at least once a month, totaling no less than $23 a week or $1,196 per calendar year). Contribution requirements are based on your January 1 – December 31 the prior year church contributions. Only Sunday Church contributions are considered for your parishioner status. The following contributions are not considered – GAP, Renovation Fund, Special Collections, Dad’s Club, PTO, etc.

2018-2019 FEES

  • Application Fee $125 (new applicants only, nonrefundable, processed with Online Application)
  • Re-Enrollment Fee $300 until January 31, $350 after 11 pm January 31 (nonrefundable, processed as Online Enrollment is submitted)
  • Enrollment Fee/New Students $300 (nonrefundable, processed as Online Enrollment is submitted)
  • Academic & Technology Fee (students Kindergarten through 8th Grade only) $525 due June 1 (or 10 days after enrollment if enrolling after June 1), paid through FACTS payment plan



The SCRIP program raises funds for the school through the sale of gift cards for local merchants. A percentage of each card purchased is given to the school and the profit generated is credited to the purchasing family’s SCRIP account. A record is kept of the amount of SCRIP purchased by each family and the amount of profit that is generated by each purchase. Each family (not individual student) is required to generate $250 in profits from the SCRIP program through purchases of SCRIP OR pay an additional $250 in tuition. If a family decides to pay the additional tuition, the additional tuition will be added to the family’s FACTS tuition plan. Please note – the dollar amount of scrip purchased does not equal profits generated. Profits generated are the discount each merchant donates to the school SCRIP Family Profit Summary (account balances). These balances are updated at the beginning of each month from August through June. If the balance of the SCRIP Program account is less than $250 when the SCRIP Program ends on April 30, the difference must be paid immediately. When a family exceeds the $250 tuition credit from their SCRIP purchases, they begin earning a tuition credit for the following school year. When 50% of the profit from all additional SCRIP purchases is greater than $10, the amount will be credited to their tuition for the following school year.

SCRIP Hours & Location :

  • Monday – Wednesday – Friday (7:30 am – 8:00 am & 3 – 4 pm) sold in Sally Wengierski’s office (McManus Hall).  LAST DAY OF SCRIP SALES, FRIDAY, 4/27/18

Family Profit Summary – YTD March  Card Sales and Online Purchases 

QUESTIONSJeanne Howell   .  scrip@stmonicaschool.org