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25marallday6th Grade Cafeteria and Playground(All Day: monday)

26marallday6th Grade Cafeteria and Playground(All Day: tuesday)

26marallday5th -8th Spring Pictures(All Day: tuesday)

27maralldayK - 4th Spring Pictures(All Day: wednesday)

27marallday6th Grade Cafeteria and Playground(All Day: wednesday)

28maralldayAR Spirit Day(All Day: thursday)

28marallday6th Grade Cafeteria and Playground(All Day: thursday)

29marallday6th Grade Cafeteria and Playground(All Day: friday)

30maralldayConfirmation(All Day: saturday)


  • "I have been at St. Monica for 17 years and have had three children graduate from there. My fourth child is in middle school now, and we absolutely love it! The best part is the community and the support system we have created for our family. I can't imagine a place more loving and nurturing, yet also providing such a strong academic foundation."Rhonda Delarosa
  • "Being a graduate of SMS some 50 + years ago I still feel at home here. The staff are loving and caring."Bob Noyes
  • "Going on our third school year and couldn't be happier! Proud to be a Bearcat!"Jasmin Lopez Ma
  • "Being new to the area I found this school that demonstrates good moral values and great education principles, the staff is courteous an professional and they have a great teaching plan. I did talk to some neighbors and other parents and everyone is happy with this school. Certainly I will enroll my daughters at this school since it seems to be the best around the area, is not inexpensive but it seems to be worth it. "Sherlene A
  • "We have been at St. Monica School for over 7 years (two boys now in 6th and 2nd grade) and absolutely love it!!! To us, the church and school communities have become like family. I am amazed at the things the kids learn and how advanced they are compared to kids from other schools. I am even more amazed about how I see the kids interact with people from outside our community (politeness and respect). Because of all the programs and how the school functions, your kids will not just be book smart, they will be world smart (public speaking, community service, morals, arts, sports and of course better Catholics). I would not send my kids anywhere else!!!"Pat Elko
  • "No school is perfect, but this one comes close. Mr. Riley, the principal, truly cares about each student. The teachers, are caring and want the kids to succeed. Is it a perfect school? No, and I doubt one exists. The parents are highly involved in the school and most of the "extra" events and perks are because of the dedication of the PTO and Dad's club. We have been very blessed to be able to put our daughter through St. Monica from K - 8th grade. Not only is she getting a great education, but they teach character and the Catholic faith. Even if we weren't Catholic, I would still send her there since the mention of God in public schools doesn't happen any more. Kathy Porter
  • "Best Catholic School in Dallas, TX"Carlos Marroquin
  • "Very good school my kids love it."Manuel Rivera
  • "St. Monica will love your kid, nurture your kid, and push them to become great young men and women. However, they don't coddle their kids as much as some other private schools so if you want the school to wipe your kids tushy all the way to college then there are several other to choose from. Personally, I think a school should push and encourage their students. SMS does this while still providing a fun experience. The homework is not excessive and it actually reinforces the work from the day. We are very blessed that our kids are intellectually gifted and we have the means to send them to any private school in town. We chose SMS because it provides the finest academic and moral education of any school in Dallas." Communuty Member - Quote From Great Schools