• Dallas, Texas
  • Preschool 4 -8th Grade

Tennis Club

Parent Volunteers

St Monica Tennis Club is designed to be assisted by Parent Volunteers.  Randall Ross Tennis will get the club started and organize volunteers to assist with Club responsibilities.  There won’t be much more than the need to have 2 badged parents present during club practice every other Sunday from 6-8 pm.  Randall will always be available to consult with volunteers.


Club Format

Gym will be set up 4-5 nets or tennis tape style nets (promotes beach ball tennis).  Each session players will be asked to complete a list of “personal best” drills and record them on their personal score card.  Personal best activities will can be completed in space around the gym or at station areas.  Also, players will pair up to play tennis or beach ball tennis on one of the courts.

Important NoteAfter we have operated the club for a period of time we may elect to divide the day into one hour sessions and split the group into grades 1-4 and 5-8 or some variation.  Or, we may elect to split the group appropriately by grades and offer sessions every other week to each group.





01/28/18, 02/11/18, 02/25/18/, 03/25/18 (A camp will be offered over Spring Break), 04/08/18, 04/22/18


Randall Ross Tennis

Randall Ross Tennis, at the Rec Center is available for private and group lessons.  Call or email Randall at 214-542-7981 or randalledmiston@hotmail.com, Website: randallrosstennis.com


Personal Best Test


Session Games and Drills: